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A dining destination like no other in DIFC, Blue Seafood Asia is finally opening its doors on the 15th of November this year to offer guests an authentic ‘sea to table’ premium yet casual Asian seafood experience. Showcasing a rich array of unmatched fresh and flavourful dishes prepared by renowned international chefs, Blue Seafood Asia’s concept was inspired by the azure oceans of Asia, the lively fish markets, upbeat vibes and sensational cooking techniques of seaside Asia. All of these elements have been translated into the design, ambiance and tasting menu of the premium restaurant.

Featuring a casual yet elegant setting, this new DIFC dining hotspot will cater to the eclectic neighbourhood of Dubai and those looking for a unique unwinding destination that offers a tantalizing taste and vibe of Asia under a beautiful skyline setting. The interiors at Blue Seafood Asia borrow inspiration from the notion of abundance of produce, good food and time for conversation that is at the heart of the Asian marketplace experience. 

Prudently designed over a stretch of 7,000 sq. ft., Blue Seafood Asia is not shy to offer its guests a lively, magical, and nature-inspired atmosphere, embodying the relaxed and chic ambiance of Asian Pacific décor – flattered by sophisticated Mediterranean and industrial creative touches and an opulent grape station. The ceiling of Blue Seafood Asia is covered with a zestful collage of sea wave decoration and warmly-lit wool lanterns hanging from atop, an invigorating display of tree plant pots at every corner, and opulent circular-shaped dining lounges embroidered with tropical imprint designs.

As one of Blue Seafood Asia’s fundamental building blocks of success, Chef Andrei Voitovici will oversee the restaurant’s meticulously served dishes offering a classic yet delicious selection of Asian dishes, starting with the raw and oyster bar station which displays mouth-watering sushi, nigiri and sashimi platters.

Guests looking for sizzling hot appetizers can choose from the tantalizing Pan-fried Crab Cake coated with mango, kiwi and papaya sauce dressing or a tangy Prawn Nori Tempura glazed in Thai mayonnaise. As for the speciality courses, the Tom Yum & Dumplings, Blue Crab Platter and Mussels Pot form the perfect trilogy for seafood enthusiasts to indulge in. For rice and noodle lovers, guests can savour the egg infused Pad Thai Noodles coated with mixed vegetables, fiery chilli paste and crunchy peanuts, or try-out the Mixed Mushroom Stir-Fry starter served with pak choy, spinach, crispy garlic and a sprinkle of sesame seeds for an appetizing side dish.

Blue Seafood Asia’s drinks menu offers a very large selection of options starting from the Bombay Sapphire spirit, bubbly Sangre De Toro, Thai Iced Team mocktail, brewed premium coffee and black tea, all the way to the finest red and white grape drinks in town. For those with a sweet tooth, a show-stopping serving of the Matcha Coco Cloud dessert drenched in sour lime zest and ripe mango will make visitors come back for more. Alternatively, sugaholics can scoop on an eye-catching cheesecake drenched in lychee, chestnut and mood-boosting rose petals.

In addition, the entrance of Blue Seafood Asia boasts a very welcoming setting with its exclusive aisle display of freshly caught fish, crabs and shrimps to offer guests a unique indoor fish market experience. The Asian seafood restaurant’s menu also infuses bold yet light and distinct dishes that are complimented by seasonal flavours and offerings, with a compromise for sustainability, where almost 80 percent of the restaurant’s products are locally sourced.

Commenting on the launch of Blue Seafood Asia, Pallav Patel, Co-Founder at Black Spoon hospitality said: “We are truly excited to finally open the doors of our highly-anticipated experiential Asian seafood restaurant at DIFC. This flagship social and dining hotspot was conceptualized by our partner, a true fisherman at heart, Fadi Haidar. His idea was to fulfil the demands of those looking to experience a true and authentic Asia in every sense of the word; from the sizzling flavoursome seafood, the festive sun and sand atmosphere, jiggly seashore vibes, and outdoor music all the way to the warm social gatherings.” 

“Blue Seafood Asia prides itself in catering to the demand of a wider audience of foodies who ‘don’t mind getting their hands dirty’ as they crack open their freshly cooked-to-perfection crabs. We as partners have gone into a long adventurous trip across Asia – from China, Japan and Singapore all the way to Thailand, India and Sri Lanka – and experienced the remarkable depth of the Fareast seafood culture to bring this concept to life here in Dubai,” added Haidar.

Blue Seafood Asia will also feature a separate casual lounge and dining area accompanied by several live cooking displays and a theatrical kitchen which will include an authentic noodle pulling station and a first-class sushi bar counter, elevated through an upbeat yet casual musical atmosphere and a DJ to set a unique enchanting scene. The premium-casual Asian seafood restaurant will also provide visitors with a spectacular outdoor terrace seating for a blissful outdoor dinner experience, which will overlook the glittering skyline of DIFC. 

Blue Seafood Asia is part of the highly successful Black Spoon hospitality group, which owns and operates award-winning restaurant concepts across Dubai, such as: Ibn Al Bahr, Allo Beirut, Bombay Bungalow and MASTI, to name but a few. The Asian-inspired premium restaurant provides a seating capacity for 250 guests with an indoor and outdoor seating, licensed premium bar, free wi-fi amenity, smoking and non-smoking areas and an outdoor terrace, catering to all occasions; from couple dinners to group get-togethers all the way to casual business gatherings.

  • Location: Blue Seafood AsiaBurj Daman, Waldorf Astoria DIFC, Dubai, Unit P5-01/01
  • Opening hours:
    • Saturday to Wednesday: 12pm to 1am
    • Thursday to Friday: 12pm to 2am
  • Support & Reservations:
  • Social Media Handles:
  • Instagram: blueseafoodasia
  • Facebook: blueseafoodasia

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