Mikkeller and Warner Bros. Consumer Products launch three new Game of Thrones-inspired beers

GOT Beer

On the occasion of Game of Thrones’ 10-year anniversary this spring, the Danish brewery and Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) came together to launch the exclusive ‘Iron Anniversary IPA’. Now the brewery and WBCP are ready with a series of three new beers that pay homage to the characters and the long winters in the series’ icy north.

Night King Double IPA, Ghost Visions Lager and Castle Black Stout are the names of the three beers that together celebrate and pay tribute to the snow-capped North, from the world-famous HBO series Game of Thrones. The beers are based on the common theme ‘Winter is Here’ and are based on central places and characters from the series’ universe.

“As the beers are launched right up to winter, and winter plays a significant role in Game of Thrones, it made sense to find inspiration for the beers in Westeros’ frozen, dark world,” says Mikkel Bjergsø, founder and creative director of Mikkeller.

Based on the winter theme, Mikkeller’s team developed beer styles and decided to make three very different beers that, through recipes and designs, support the series’ imaginative stories: a fruity New England double IPA, a clean, light and fresh lager and a full-bodied barrel-aged imperial stout.

Night King Double IPA

(double New England-style IPA, 8% vol.) Inspired by the army commander of the White Walkers, a fearsome creature created thousands of years ago whose mission is to take on Westeros. In the series, the legends tell of the return of the White Walkers and The Long Night, many thousands of years ago, where everything froze to ice.

Ghost Visions Lager

(Lager, 4.5% vol.) Inspired by one of a total of six direwolfs, which are found by the Stark family in the first episode of the series and subsequently adopted and raised by Jon Snow. Ghost is an albino wolf and Snow’s faithful companion.

Castle Black Stout

(bourbon barrel aged imperial oatmeal stout, 11.3% vol) Inspired by the bastion of The Night’s Watch; the torn army that is to protect the Seven Kingdoms from all threats from the cold North and the mythical White Walkers led by the Night King. Castle Black is the central of a total of three manned castles left along the massive ice wall that separates Westeros from the Land of Always Winter.

The three new Game of Thrones inspired beers are expected to be launched on October 15th in major markets such as Sweden, UK, US, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and South Korea. They will also be available through Mikkeller’s webshop: https://shop.mikkeller.dk

Exclusive merchandise and gift sets will be available in Mikkeller’s webshop https://shop.mikkeller.dk/ and exclusive limited gift packs can be purchased in selected retail stores in Denmark, the US and UK. 

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