Rolex Proves Timeless As It Is Named Top Brand by Superbrands UK

Superbrands UK

Luxury watchmaker Rolex has been voted the UK’s number one Consumer Superbrand for the second year running while marking its twelfth year in a row inside the top twenty.

LEGO, the number one brand in 2018 and 2019, moves to second after a fall to fifth last year, while payment card company Visa comes in third, down one from last year but ahead of rivals Mastercard and PayPal, both of whom remain inside the top twenty.

Dyson places fourth, up eight places, while Andrex retains its top twenty berth for the sixth year in a row, down one position to fifth. Apple retains sixth place, ahead of arch-rival Samsung in tenth, but the battle of the tech giants remains tight, with a mere 1% more consumers voting for the former.

Mercedes-Benz, the top car manufacturer, placed seventh while British Airways rose one to eighth despite the obvious disruption to travel over recent times. Coca Cola remains in the top twenty for the fifteenth year running, placing ninth.

The annual list of the leading Superbrands reveals that despite the Covid pandemic, consumers opted for consistency and familiarity, with only five changes among the leading twenty brands. Lindt was the biggest change and surprise, up 26 places and entering the top twenty for the first time.

Separately, the Superbrands Relevancy Index, which is based on whether consumers believe an individual brand has gained or lost relevance compared with the past, shows the effects of lockdown and staying at home. Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, Deliveroo and Just Eat are within the top ten brands for gaining relevance as households increasingly sign up to TV subscription services, shop online and order more home food deliveries.

This year 1,631 consumer brands were assessed across 81 categories for quality, reliability and distinction, the three factors inherent in a Superbrand, by 2,500 consumers and 38 leading marketing experts on the Consumer Superbrands Council. The research was independently managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), while the consumers were accessed through leading panel provider, Dynata.

“I would like to congratulate both Rolex for the distinction as the UK’s number one consumer Superbrand and the brands that appear in the top 20 list; they all exemplify their adaptation to the changing consumer behaviour during another challenging year. Dynata is proud to partner with Superbrands, to help conduct the assessment of all brands. The rise of the empowered consumer and the constantly evolving landscape means brands have an ever-increasing need for brand tracking, which is a key success factor for a chance to stand out,” said Andrew O’Connell, UK Managing Director at Dynata.

Damon Segal, CEO of Superbrands UK, commented: “While this year has continued to see monumental changes in the way the British public live and shop, we still rely on the comfort provided by major brands.

A huge congratulations to Rolex which, continues to display a consistency for quality and luxury. LEGO, a favourite toy and educator amongst families, is another star performer featuring in the top five for the past six years. Andrex is another brand that has become loved for its necessity and its famous advertising.

“The Superbrands list does reveal some significant changes in perception especially in the way we regard tech companies, which are now seen as helping in everyday life.”

A significant change has come in how we regard High Street retailers, and while John Lewis and Marks & Spencer are still regarded as Superbrands, they no longer feature as favourites. John Lewis and M&S were both last in the top ten in 2018. The decline in Debenhams, which shut its physical stores in May, is seen as losing the most relevant, placing bottom of the 1,630 brands looked at on this metric, ranking lower than Brylcream and Pontins. The BBC is another which has seen a significant decline in public regard and has failed to feature in the top twenty since 2015 and was replaced by Netflix as the leading brand in the TV sector last year.

Superbrands pays tribute to exceptional brands throughout the world. The UK Superbrands annual survey has provided a barometer into how brands have been viewed since 1995 by tracking their history, development and achievements. The UK programme is run under licence by the Academy of Chief Marketers. Unlike many industry awards, brands do not pay or apply to be considered.

Top 10 Ranking Consumer Superbrands® :
1. Rolex
3. Visa
4. Dyson
5. Andrex
6. Apple
7. Mercedes Benz
8. British Airways
9. Coca-Cola
10. Samsung

Top 10 Ranking Business Superbrands® :
1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. PayPal
4. Apple
5. Pfizer
6. British Airways
7. Visa
8. AstraZeneca
9. Samsung
10. Shell

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